Thursday, September 08, 2016

A book sale that goes on and on and on

I found out in the month of May that Kindle now sells its ebooks to us here in Malaysia but it took me awhile to realise that Kindle also offers daily and monthly deals. I found the monthly deals page for non-fiction books and when I'm at that page, it really feels like I'm visiting a book warehouse sale, albeit virtually. And what more, the sale seems to go on without an end in sight. 

On my last count, from May to date, I have bought 58 Kindle books!

At the rate I'm going, I'd most probably end up buying about 20 books a month. The average price per book I'm buying is about RM10 and with that I'd need a book budget of RM200 per month, and that I think is very reasonable.

It has become normal for me that when I tell my friends about this, they'd tell me, "Oh! I prefer print books." But the funny thing I found out though is that most of them aren't even readers to begin with! 

So I've resigned to the fact that I can only share this passion of mine with a very small group of people. No matter...just looking at my "pile" of ebooks, I am happy and contented. And there is more to come.


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