I am broken. I am weak.

There are times when I feel fearful of the situation at hand, fearful that it will turn bad, fearful that I will end up in the wrong place, doing and saying the wrong things, fearful that I will lose control.

But in actual fact, I am in need of God. I am broken and weak and in no way am I able to save or help myself. I need Jesus, his leading, his assurance. 

Dear Abba, I am broken. I am weak. I need to realize that every day of my life and not to think that I am any good. But to know that my goodness, my capabilities only comes from you. You are the source of my strength. You are the source of my life. I am fully dependent on you. I can do nothing without you. I can only do what I do everyday through Christ who strengthens me. I am broken, in you I am made whole. I am weak, in you I am made strong. Help me live my life everyday in you and through you. Not fearing anything but trusting in you, my Lord, my God and my King. Amen.



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