Thursday, September 22, 2016

Input and Maximizer at play

I have completed delivering two modules of training at work and was brushing my next module when I thought I'd come up with an activity that involves creating a poster ad. 

That was when I remembered the last time I went searching for such ads. 

It was during the recent preaching seminar that I have attended. In one of the workshops led by Paul Barker on the applications part of a sermon, he gave us homework. We were to go look for advertisements that portray values, good or bad. 

And it was my Gallup theme strength #3 Input and #7 Maximizer that was at play. My Input pushed me to spend almost an hour if not two till past midnight to scour the internet to find these. And my Maximizer insisted that I only give up looking when I find those that are interesting and unique. 

Here they are:

I thought this Facebook one was cute but not carrying a very positive value but a reality that most of us are so deliberately addicted to social media. 

I felt this one minimizes the value of life.

At first I did not understand this ad but soon figured out that it's what you eat that causes a war in your stomach. So you would need an Eno to soothe it. The value? Glorifying violence. 

This was the one that we picked for our group to present as our chosen ad. Its tagline was "Right the Wrong" and I felt that it minimises sin. It's as easy as whitewashing it and it will be hidden, but it is still there. 

Don't you think these ads are brilliant? But not the imbedded values they portray though. 


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