Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wonderful Things of the World #2: Hakka Lui Cha


I joined my colleagues for vegetarian lunch today, although I don't really fancy Chinese vegetarian food. I went for the company and it was alright. But it reminded me of what I really feel like having, Hakka lui cha or thunder tea literally translated, though there are the vegetarian and non-vegetarian variety.

I especially like it because of the green colored broth packed with ground mint, basil and tea leaves. I can almost taste it now. My colleague, Teresa, who was also at the same vegetarian lunch, did tell me that her father-in-law makes it often at home. I'm still waiting for the invitation that sadly will never come. 

So I found this article in The Malay Mail Online and I will surely check out those places for good servings of lui cha.


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