Saturday, October 08, 2016

No wallet or ID but still got around fine

I always use my big ol' Tumi bag when I go out. I have everything in that bag and it is much more convenient to just grab and go.

And I know that I always forget something when I take a different bag but I thought I'd take a smaller bag today.

I was right. Using a different bag does not work for me, at all. 

I drove around town the entire morning without my identity card and driving license because I took them out of my wallet several days ago and left them in the big bag.  I found out when I was asked for identification when I needed to get into the housing area to pick up my mother-in-law for breakfast. I had to give the guard a sorry and pathetic look to get through. 

I got back home in the afternoon and retrieved the cards and slot them back into my wallet. 

I then went out at 2 pm for choir practice and after that dinner with Ee-Tan, again grabbing the small bag not realizing that when I placed the cards back into my wallet, I returned my wallet back into the big bag. 

Now I don't even have money or any of my credit cards with me. But I still managed to spend money! 

While waiting for Ee-Tan, I was in H&M and found some nice blouses I wanted to buy. And as you would have guessed it, I rummaged through my bag and realised I don't have my wallet with me. It's in my default bag!

In the end, I still got around the entire day without my identity card or driving license and RM300 poorer courtesy of my good friend Ee-Tan who came to my rescue and lent me some money. 

But it was a good day, catching up with my mother-in-law and my good friend. 


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