Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Should I stop blogging?

I have seriously thought about stopping my blogging several times now. And I thought about doing it over the past few days. 

It's about security issues, about having nothing important to say, about the times when I struggle to find the time and the mood to write. 

But I'm still on it. 

I have stopped blogging in 2009, only doing it sporadically.  It took me 5 years to get back into a daily blogging in 2014. 

The reason I'm still sticking to it is because I know I will never get back to it if I quit. And I still think it is a good thing to blog, albeit about stuff that does not really matter to anyone but me. 

It helps me think, it forces me to reflect my days and I will have a log of what mattered to me everyday over the years. 

But I know I will still think about stopping as I go on. Maybe I should stop thinking so much. But that will even be a tougher thing to do. 


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