Sunday, October 30, 2016

Suffer and be comforted as one in Christ


Pastor said something in church today that made me think. He was announcing and reporting on a wake service held for rather new member of the church and was commending the members of the church who turned up at the service. 

He commented that the situation is so different between churches in smaller towns like Batu Pahat compared to city churches in Kuala Lumpur. Whenever, a member of a small town church passes away, the whole church comes to pay their respect and to comfort the family members. But for a city church, few would make the effort. 

I never thought of it from that perspective before. I usually don't go unless I am close to the members of the family because if I am not known to them, I feel I won't be of much of a support.

But what the pastor said is true. We are all one body in the Lord and the local church is the body of the faith community in Christ. Therefore, when one suffers, all suffer and when one rejoices, all rejoice. 

When my father-in-law passed away several years ago, members from several churches came. He was sick and was not able to attend church much. But when he passed on, members of my family church, members of the church I was attending as well as members of the church my late father-in-law did manage to attend a few times, all came to the wake service to offer us their company and comfort. 

It meant a lot to me. 

I am now going to rethink this and work towards turning up at wake services of members of my church even though I may not be close to them. 

It does not matter that they do not know me. We are one body in the Lord, we suffer and be comforted as one. 


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