Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why are some people always late?

I held a briefing session for a training programme I will be carrying out, and the topic I spent a lot of time talking about was punctuality. 

I am trying to understand people's behavior as to why would one be deliberately late for something. I think it boils down to these two reasons: 

1. It is the culture of the context they are in
They are so used to being flexible about time that it has become a habit. It might have been ingrained into their mind that being late has become acceptable, that it will be abnormal to be early. 

2. It is not important and they don't care much about it
It may be something that they feel that they are forced to attend. It is something they don't find very important and therefore they just need to be there, at the time of their convenience. 

I found this article The Real Reason Some of Us are Chronically Late interesting. It says that "people are late because they don't want to be early". 

I was like, "What? Really?"

I admit I am not an "early" person. I am not very good at time management and I always have to put in an effort to be on time. It is because I respect other people's time and it would be unfair and a disadvantage to them if I made them wait. 

But sometimes, I end up waiting and it irks me a lot. If I not being an "early" person make it a point to be on time so that I don't make others wait, why do I end up waiting instead?

The reasons the article gave are these:
1. It's inefficient to be early
2. They hate the uneasiness to be early
3. There is an opportunity cost associated with getting somewhere early
4. Sometimes you don't want to be early to be polite

Well, the reasons here are why some people don't like to be early, and I totally agree. I am not an "early" person, but at least be on time is what I say. 


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