Friday, November 18, 2016

Ate a lot but still feeling hungry

It's 10pm and I'm feeling so hungry. I've had all my three meals today, and quite a heavy lunch too. And so why am I feeling so hungry?

My hubby said that it's because I didn't have enough carbohydrates. 

I ate quite a lot today but I did cut down on my carbs intake though I did not cut it off completely. Is that why?

I've tried to check the Internet for some answers but I'm not sure who and what to believe. 

Those websites on low carb diet doesn't sound so reputable and so I think I will take advice from here: When Your Healthy Diet Isn't So Healthy

It makes absolute sense:
1. Avoid one food wonders
2. Going vegetarian may not work
3. Too much of a good thing isn't all good
4. Don't snub carbs
5. Being fat-free is a fallacy
6. Cutting off your favorite food is being on denial


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