Monday, November 21, 2016

How do you know when you need to change your car battery?

How do you know when you need to change your car battery? For me, it has always died on me, or exploded on me the last time I got it changed. 

It happened again today and I was stuck outside a restaurant near my house. Oh no, it didn't explode this time. It just died. My son and I had dropped into the restaurant for a quick meal and when we were ready to leave, my car will not start. 

I have shared here before that I did have problems starting my car, and I am now not sure if it is a starter or battery problem. On top of that, my hubby just informed me a week ago that AAM, the auto assist services that we have subscribed to, has wound up and we no longer have their services.

And there I was in the car, not sure of what to do. My hubby was with some foreign clients and was not able to attend to me at that time. 

I then remembered that when I changed my car insurance provider, the agent did mention something about an auto assistance services that I can use. I quickly called him, got the number and arranged for a technician to come check the car. 

Alas, it is the battery after all, which only lasted one year! I hope this new one will last longer. 

But the next question is this: was the problem of getting my car started a battery problem in the first place and not the key lock cylinder?


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