Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Spotify or Apple Music

I have been using Spotify Premium to listen to music for a year now and it's great to have access to whatever  music you feel like listening to at any time of the day. 

However, the free premium service has come to an end after one year. I have just stopped the premium account and I was about to sign on to their family package when I realized that I should try out Apple Music first. 

I have read some comparison reviews between the two and Spotify was recommended for a higher quality of sound and Apple Music if you use Siri a lot. 

I don't think the sound quality would bother me much because I'm not that much of an audiophile. I'm good with it as long as I have access to the kind of music I want to listen to.

I feel that Siri might be a plus for me, since I usually listen when I'm driving and it would be safer to just tell Siri what to play. 

Apple Music also offers a free three-month trial and I've just signed in. But I find that in terms of the user interface, Spotify is much better. It's easier to find music and create playlists in Spotify compared to Apple Music. I wanted to delete an album that Apple made me put into the iCloud, but even though I'm quite sure I just deleted the album, all the playlists I have created went missing as well. And I had to start all over again. What a bummer. 

I'm giving Apple Music three months. If I can get used to it and if I can get a good experience out of it, I might continue with a paid subscription. If not, I'm going back to Spotify. 


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