Monday, November 07, 2016

We finally figured out my car problem

Thanks to my hubby I think my car problem is finally solved. 

I had problems getting my car started for quite a while now. It's not that my car won't start. I need to try it a few times before it does, especially if I've just turned off the engine and wanted to restart it again. 

I have asked several mechanics but no one could tell me why. I finally brought it to the Honda service center and they told me it was the starter motor. I wanted to get it changed but they did not have any units stocked.

So I left without getting it fixed and I left it be. I thought since I can still get my car started, even though sometimes it does take a few tries, I ignored it hoping against hope that my car will not just die on me one fine day.

On our way to church yesterday, it suddenly dawned on my hubby that it might be the ignition lock cylinder that might be problem. He felt that the connection might be cut off if I turn the key all the way to start the car. He suggested I only turn it midway.  

Viola! It now works everytime. 

I am thankful I did not waste any money replacing a good starter motor and not solving the problem. I suppose it pays to wait it out sometimes. 


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