Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How many languages do you speak?

I was just commenting to my hubby that we Malaysians are quite blessed in the sense that we are exposed to different languages from young and most of us, if not all, are multilingual or at least bilingual. 

This may not seem much to us but it is in fact something good. Most people I suppose are only familiar with one language, or two at most. 

And I would say that the one good thing that came out from the British colonisation of our country is the wide usage of the English language, of what I see is one of the most coveted language to acquire for Asians in particular. 

Just check out this story I read a few days ago where parents of South Korean children would vie for the 30 limited spots available to learn English from American soldiers and United Nations officials in a school located in "scariest place on earth", in the Korean peninsula's Demilitarized Zone. 

I also happened upon this YouTube video which I find quite entertaining. 

Things Bilingual People Do


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