Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I am a llama for one day

I am not that very active in Facebook except to post my daily blog entry in there and once in awhile to check out on what my friends are up. 

But this one thing became one of the most fun thing I did on Facebook: being a llama for one day. 

Doug Joseph put up a challenge that anyone who gives a wrong answer will have to post a picture of a llama in their Facebook profile for a day. I took a look at the riddle and thought, hey I know this.

But too bad, it was not the correct answer and had to put up a llama profile picture. I used the same
llama picture Dous used, which looked kind of dorky. I didn't mind, because I should have thought a little bit more before answering. 


A few of my other friends took the challenge and got caught as well, and accompanied me as a llama for a day. Just that these two good friends of mine, both sisters, Rose and Allie, used really awesome looking llamas. 

Isn't this the coolest looking llama with an awesome hairstyle?

And Allie drew her own: a sweet and docile looking one:

It was definitely quite a fun day llama-ing along. 



  1. I love the drawing... that's awesome and my mother-in-law used the same picture. Evidently llama pictures are hard to come by. ;)

  2. Allie is a good friend. She is a writer and an artist and just published her second children's book entitled Just Enough.