Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It is now good to be lazy

I was attracted to this article with the heading The Importance of Doing Nothing, a summary of a longer white paper entitled Doing Nothing and Nothing to Do: The Hidden Value of Empty Time and Boredom, written by Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries for INSEAD. 

I am in total agreement with the article and the paper. We are so busy these days we forgot to take time to think and mull, or as the paper suggests, to do nothing. I love doing nothing and being lazy but I feel so guilty about it. 

I want to just sit and stare into space and let my mind wander but I worry I will be labeled as useless, lazy and with nothing to do, and therefore I do not deserve to be where I am. 

However, the article suggests that it pays to be lazy and bored, to do nothing and just be. 

I really, really like what the writer says in the paper. Take a read and tell me what you think. 


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