Thursday, January 19, 2017

The whole church should grieve together


My good friend Ee-Tan's close and beloved uncle had passed on, and I was there for the wake service today to be with her and to offer my condolences especially the family.

I remember Rev Wong Fong Yang had once talked about wake services and how the whole church should be there for the body of Christ to console the grieving, even if we do not know them that well. We are after all one body in the Lord, and we should be there to grieve together. And I agree with him, I haven't been good in this regard and when I reflected on it, I would like to emulate that. 

It goes without saying here that Ee-Tan is a dear friend of mine and of course I am there for her. There is nothing else I could do. 

And wake services always make me think of my own wake service. How would it be? Who would be there? 


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