Sunday, January 01, 2017

We are sons of God

It is good to start the New Year on a Sunday, beginning it with corporate worship and the preaching of the Word. 

We began with a song of calling, Lift Up Your Heads. It's an old song by Don Moen but it's the first time I've heard and sang it. A very appropriate song to start the year with!

Don Moen - Lift Up Your Heads

Rev Wong Fong Yang spoke today from Luke 3:21-23, on the baptism of Jesus. Rev Wong asked a very good question: why would Luke include this in the gospel, the fact that Jesus was baptized and seen as one baptized amongst sinners when he has no sin? John the Baptist was reluctant to do it, as we read the same account in Matthew, but Jesus insisted that it should be carried out as required by God. 

Rev Wong suggested that Jesus did it in solidarity of the human race and from it we can also see the three eschatological signs:
- the opening of heaven
- the descending of the Spirit
- the audible voice from heaven

The voice from heaven said, "You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy." God has shown both affirmation and affection to Jesus, and in the same way, God has also given us affirmation and affection as adopted sons of God through his Son. 

This is a very important lesson for me as I start the new year. I am reminded that I do not need to seek for any affirmation from anyone or from anything I do. We are first and foremost sons of God, we are not affirmed by who we think we are or wish we are, not by our work, not by our accomplishments or lack of. 

With this I will begin the new year being affirmed and loved by God as his adopted son, through Christ. That is my identity, my position - a son of God. 


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