Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Best of both worlds - Apple Music and Spotify

When my one year free Spotify Premium account expired November last year, I decided to try Apple Music free for three months before I make a choice which one to subscribe to. 

I was quite happy with Apple Music at first. But I soon got frustrated because songs in my playlists can become unavailable quite often. I then found out that it could be possible that some songs and albums are updated or reloaded, and all you need to do is to perform a new search for those same songs or albums, add them into your playlists, and remove the old ones. But some recording labels or artists may decide to remove their songs completely from Apple Music (or Spotify for that matter) and you will not have any access to them anymore unless you purchase them separately. 

On top of that, Siri wasn't that effective. I tried to get it to play songs from my playlists but I never got it to play what I wanted. 

I couldn't find some songs in Apple Music that are available in Spotify. But there are songs available in Apple Music that are not in Spotify as well.  

I could not use Apple Music in my office with my PC because of a firewall. But Spotify works. 

But what I like most in Apple Music that is not available in Spotify is the availability of lyrics. This is a biggie for me that can very well be the sole reason why I would stick with Apple Music. 

My hubby likes the Discover playlists in Spotify and I do agree that Spotify does quite well in recommending songs that you will listen to. Apple Music doesn't do very well in this area. 

When it comes to their user interface though, many have commented that they prefer Spotify, but to me it is a getting-used-to-it thing. After using Apple Music for three months, I got so used to it that I liked it. 

So with my three-month Apple Music free trial coming an end today, which would be the best choice for me?

I decided I want the best of both worlds. 

I subscribe to Apple Music to keep my playlists, to listen to songs not available in Spotify, and to get access to lyrics where available. 

And I can still use Spotify for free for songs not available in Apple Music and I get access to songs in my office using my PC, albeit with advertisements. I don't need to refer to lyrics when I listen to songs at work, since I'm concentrating on work anyway. 

So in effect, it is both Apple Music and Spotify for only RM22.90 for a family account, rather than just Spotify for RM22.40. 

Best of both worlds - I am happy. 


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