Monday, February 20, 2017

Cantonese Movies: one bad, one good

I took the day off today (after having cancelled two days leave which I have taken, due to work) and I spent some time in my parents' home, which I seldom do these days since they moved. 

Whilst I was there, my mom was watching some old Cantonese TV series on Astro and I felt that I missed listening to Cantonese dialogues since I have not watched anything in Cantonese for quite a long time. 

So when I got home, I thought I'd catch up on some Cantonese movies and started with this one:

From Vegas to Macau

I am not sure why I chose to watch this. It was horrible. I was not in the mood for a drama and thought what can go wrong with Chow Yuen Fatt and gambling.


The ridiculous plot, poor dialogue, bad acting, scenes that don't make sense.

It seems like there hasn't been many good Cantonese movies lately, not like before. But it then occurred to me that there is one Cantonese movie I have been trying to find time to watch. 

Ip Man 3

Ah...a much better choice by far. Decent plot, nice dialogue, excellent choreograped fights with very good artistic moves (coming from someone who don't like fighting scenes), good character building and acting skills. 

I like it that the wife finally understood her husband in the end, and that was well-developed throughout the three movies. I was initially quite frustrated with her, but it was finally resolved. 

And it's lovely that it ended with this line where Ip Man said, "其實最重要, 都你身邊人."

I spent a bit of time looking for these proper Cantonese written characters and they read as "kei saat juei joong yiu ge, dou haih lei saan been ge yaan." Too bad I can't find the clip in YouTube, but it literally means: in fact, the most important is, after all, the people who are next to you (people whom you love). 


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