Saturday, February 25, 2017

Il Mare ★★★☆☆

Il Mare (2000)

Encouraged by my good friend Wee Yin to watch more Korean films, I watched Il Mare today. It is a film like The Lake House with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock that I have watched a long time ago, which I did like. And so I thought it will be interesting to watch the Korean version. 

I find that it is a good film, though I think that logically, as far as time travel can logically go, The Lake House made more sense than Il Mare. At least the exchange of letters in The Lake House centers on the letterbox at the house as a portal. The method of letter exchange in Il Mare is a bit vague. It does converge on the letterbox but it implies that letters are also mailed but how are they mailed across different time continuum is unclear, and it bugs me. 

The funny thing though is that I thought Il Mare was a remake of The Lake House. But when I saw the year of release, I did a double take. 

Il Mare was released in 2000 and The Lake House in 2006. Wait, the two film share a letterbox portal as well? Only then did I realize that, The Lake House was a remake of Il Mare. 

This is not the first movie I know that sparked off remakes in Hollywood, and that speaks a lot for the quality of Korean movies, which I am beginning to see. 


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