Wednesday, February 08, 2017

My Movie List app

With me watching movies again, I want to keep a list of the movies I've watched and what I would like to watch. I tried a few apps and found this to be the best: ToDoMovies by Taphive GmbH. 

It was easy to add movies into the lists and I ended up with 379 watched and 37 to watch. I'm sure I've watched more than that but there are some I couldn't remember if I've watched them at all. 

My favourite list of 15 is not complete. I will need time to populate it. 

One missing list is for movies I couldn't finish watching. The first movie I will add will be Captain America: Civil War. I know it has very good reviews, but I got quite bored watching it and I think it's because I couldn't identify with any of the characters - they weren't that interesting and I couldn't feel for any of them. Wish it was better.


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