Wednesday, March 15, 2017

And I thought water is just water

In my reading of The Art and Craft of Tea, I found this interesting section on water.

The author, Joseph Wesley Uhl said, "Most water contains molecules of dissolved oxygen. People often refer to water containing high levels of dissolved oxygen as tasting 'crisp', whereas they refer to water containing low levels of dissolved oxygen as tasting 'dull'. A crisp-tasting tea is unequivocally preferable to a dull-tasting tea.Therefore, it is important that your water be aerated; it should contain dissolved oxygen."

I have not come across water as tasting crisp before, like it's potato chips, but I can certainly agree that sometimes the water that I drink has this dull taste to it, that it is because of the absence of dissolved oxygen.

How I wish now I have an access to fresh spring water.

I am beginning to understand why my son refuses to take water that I boil at home. He prefers bottled mineral water that I purchase. I remember asking him why, and he told me it is because he does not like its taste.

As for me, I am okay with boiled water—I grew up with it—but I do not like the reverse osmosis water as it gives me a dry sense in the mouth and throat after taking it. I don't think reverse osmosis water is good for us but I drink it almost every day at work.

And I thought water is just water.


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