Wednesday, March 01, 2017

My 7 Dream Jobs


I am too old to have a dream job, let alone seven, but I have them nonetheless. But when I define what I mean by a "dream job", you'll see why I have them. 

My take on a dream is that it is a dream and will always remain a dream, illusive and not attainable, a wishful thinking. But I am a dreamer to begin with, and that is fine with me to have dreams I will never attain. I love the mysterious feel in having them. 

How I come to have these dream jobs is because I have phases of fascination where I do put in quite a lot of resources into them. And having spent so much time and energy in them, I do wish I have become them. 

My seven dream jobs, in no particular order, are:

1. Writer
Anyone who knows me knows my love for books and reading. I collect them, I read them, some again and again, both fiction and non-fiction. I am fascinated with the authors' ideas and knowledge in their area of writing. I am usually amazed at how they express themselves, how plots would turn unexpectedly, and how they can hold the readers. I wish I could write like them. 

2. Theologian
I started having a love for the study of Christian theology about 15 years ago and invested a lot of time and resources into studying the various themes and subjects to get a good grasp of my belief. I did think of specializing in an area and move from there. 

3. Photographer
I got fascinated with photography about 10 years ago and invested quite a lot of money into getting a set of gears. I was also setting my eyes on really expensive lenses. I spent time studying the technicalities of photography but found following my gut more satisfying. I stopped going further when my camera went kaput. Now looking at the amazing photographs by professionals, it makes me wish I was one. 

4. Psychologist
I became fascinated with personality theories 15 years ago and since then I have reading and practicing it like a hobby with people who care to listen me. Psychology was the subject I thought of taking when I was planning for college but it was not something I could get into back then. I wish I had. 

5. Vocalist
I don't care if you have heard this repeated time and again on TV, but I love to sing, right when I was a kid. I started taking lessons maybe about 20 years ago, involved myself in a choral group 10 years ago, and took more serious lessons a few years ago. I suppose I can call myself a vocalist but only an amateur and choralist. But it is a dream to be a professional soprano, which will never happen. 

6. Philosopher
I got interested in philosophy many years ago when I was doing theology but I got more interested in it when I took an online business philosophy course recently. I wished I took it up when I was in college. 

7. Linguist
My fascination with language got a little more serious recently. I felt blessed to know several languages and found it so interesting that when I listen to other languages, there are similarities that tie us together. What more, the English language is used differently in different countries and cultures that when I say something to someone from another country, sometimes I have to think if they will understand what I am saying. 

There, what I wish I could be, which I know I will never be. Maybe when I retire, I may make something out of these 7 things which I have picked up. 

But wow, now that I look back, I certainly had a great time of learning in my last 15 to 20 years. 


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