Friday, March 31, 2017

Things I take for granted

Our trip to Ipoh was for just a short 2 days 1 night thing and it's time to drive back today after lunch. But while I was driving back, I was a bit worried. 

I was using the trunk road yesterday and as I was trying to avoid some dirt on the road, I drove over a rather large pothole I didn't see and the thump on my wheels was bad. My mom got down to take a look but she said they still looked okay.

I stopped by the petrol station for a refill before we head home today and I took a look at all four tyres. I noticed that the front ones aren't in very good condition. I realized that I didn't check my wheels to ensure they are up to a long distance trip before even starting off yesterday. 

Ah...the things I always take for granted that they will work and alway work. I only hope they will not fail me before I realize it too late. 


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