Friday, April 07, 2017

Oh I'm so pleased with myself

I am very pleased with my progress in my latest attempt to learn Mandarin. I found myself actually texting my language partner today in Mandarin without reverting to Google Translate, and that's something!

It is a very simple small-talk kind of conversation, so simple that you might laugh at me, but I feel it's quite an accomplishment for me nonetheless. 

There was more to the conversation but it went something like this:

The Anki HSK decks I purchased are very helpful in helping me learn the characters, and I managed to learn up the 170 characters in HSK1 in just two weeks. But I must say that this was more of a revision for me since I've tried learning HSK1 with an earlier app I purchased: StickyStudy. 

StickyStudy claims to be an SRS app but I feel that Anki is a better designed one with better time spacing between learning new cards and revising old cards for a more effective retention. 

I did reload StickyStudy back into my phone and revised all the cards into the green zone in just one day. I thought it would be helpful to look at the individual characters. But I will stick to the Anki HSK decks to learn Mandarin in sentences, rather than just memorizing characters, and use StickyStudy to revise my recognition of the individual characters after I've completed every section in Anki. 

It may have just me taken two weeks to learn up HSK1, but I will probably take much longer to learn the completely new HSK2 deck which I have not done before. But I'm fine with that. 

I'm just so pleased and feeling so proud of myself!


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