Saturday, April 29, 2017

Romancing the Chicks

Romancing the Chicks
by Mandaar Sukhtankar

I received a recommendation from Amazon to try this book by Mandaar Sukhtandar who is an executive chef in The Park, Hyderabad and who was recently named Chef of the Year 2016 at The Times Food and Nightlife Awards.

In reading the preview, I like his voice and what he wrote: "we spend a lifetime trying to satisfy our desires...(but) once we have it, do we really value it as much? In essence we need to let a bit of the desire remain in order to completely enjoy what we have."

That to me is a very interesting way of putting it and it is indeed how I usually feel most of the time, not only in food but also especially in the mystery of things. Maybe that is why I love to learn and that when I learn, I learnt that there is really so much more to learn. 

However, from a review I read in, with it being a collation of his newspaper articles into the book, it became a tad too disjointed and repetitive, that it's only a good light and decent read. 

It is not within my budget to spend $6.66, albeit at a currently 83% discounted price, on a light read and so most probably I will not be getting it...or should I?


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