Thursday, April 06, 2017

What is trust when there is no transparency?

People are usually secretive to begin with and when we have an organisation of people grouped together for a purpose, secrets abound. 

The topic of transparency is quite widely talked about these days. But it is quite a complicated thing. And what more, in this era where we feel information is so easily attainable, most of us would expect that all information should to be made readily available. 

But is that so? And is it wise to do so?

We do feel frustrated when we are not able to think and decide when we are not given all the information, and yet we are expected to deliver. Can we ask and demand for it or do we accept the fact that we do not fall in the need-to-know-basis category?

I found this article quite interesting: Transparency - exactly what do you mean?

I understand the need for secrecy when it comes to competition. The article says, "transparency calls for the balancing between openness of processes, financial performance, and decision-making vs. the secrecy required for competitive advantage, to protect intellectual and invested capital, and strategic planning. Most people are naturally protective of a new idea, product or initiative, concerned about the potential that someone else might steal their idea and beat them to market, or even improve on it before they can sell it to others and achieve some personal benefit...However, in recent years, open systems and sharing networks have started to prove that transparency in a broader sense can actually help companies, industries and clients – and can lead to enhanced profitability for many different organizations and community elements." 

But the article concluded that, "Transparency is making life a little uncomfortable for a large majority of leaders, but those who embrace these principles and find ways of integrating them into the operational flow of their organizations should see great benefits returned to their organization, teams, and communities. And, who knows, we as leaders may even eventually regain the trust and respect of our communities!"

So when will we really see openness and transparency? 


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