Saturday, May 27, 2017

Book Review: Daughters of the Dragon

Daughters of the Dragon, A Comfort Woman's Story
by William Andrews

I started reading this book yesterday and it was so engaging, I finished it in one go today. 

It is an awesome book. It holds a gripping tale about how a comfort woman survived through years of countless daily rape by Japanese soldiers, whilst trying to barely hang on to the bare modicum of self-respect, and how she survived the shame in the years after. 

It aches my heart to know that this is a story that is based on the real lives of at least two hundred thousand women who were forced into such atrocities. They were brutally raped, tortured and most were subsequently killed when Japan lost the war. 

And I would like to repeat what I quoted two days ago: it's "a narrative that honors the 200,000 sex slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army in WWII, and brings to light this historical, systematic atrocity."

We must honor these women and remember them, for what they had to go through and what they had to suffer in this broken and fallen world. 


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