Thursday, May 25, 2017

Two Promising Books

I haven't been reading much fiction lately but when I received an email from Amazon to check out its monthly deals before the month runs out, these two titles stood out for me. 

The first is a book about readers, reading and bookshops. And any books on readers, reading and bookshops would definitely interest me. The book cover alone is enough to draw me in. 

I clicked on the second book without realizing it's a book about the comfort women of Korea. I only got to know about them recently when I read about the history of Korea in Korea, The Impossible Country. The author here has weaved a story about a former sex slave, about life, loss, survival and triumph. Mike Honda who reviewed the book said, "Author William Andrews weaves a narrative that honors the 200,000 sex slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army in WWII, and brings to light this historical, systematic atrocity."

I am really looking forward to dig in. 

The Bookshop on the Corner, A Novel
by Jenny Colgan

Daughters of the Dragon, A Comfort Woman's Story
by William Andrews


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