Friday, June 02, 2017

Doraemon comic books!!!

I found a good way to read stuff in Chinese: comics! And since I am a Doraemon fan, I need to get my hands on these comic books. 

I have "read" these in my childhood days every time I visited my cousin sister, which was very often and I devoured them with fervour. The only difference was that since I couldn't read Chinese back then, I only looked at the pictures to figure out the stories. And I had no problems with that and thoroughly enjoyed the comics. 

But for now, since I'm getting along quite moderately well in my learning of the language, I would love to get my hands on them and start actually reading them. Except that I think compared to my cousin's days, where each copy would probably cost less than RM5 or less, I saw them in the Kinokuniya website at more than RM20 each. I read somewhere that there are 45 volumes of them, and that will cost me a total of almost RM1,000! 


Photo source: thekamfamily

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