Friday, June 09, 2017

Memrise is the app to go when learning a language

I had lunch with my colleague and we started chatting about language, which you know by now is my current favourite topic. 

In the course of our conversation, I recommended him to download Memrise as I find it the best app to begin learning a language. It is a good way to start and when you are more familiar with it, you can then begin to expand your resources to help your progress in the language.

But when he began his Mandarin deck in his Android phone, I was intrigued by how different and how much more interesting the interface is compared to the iOS version. How I wish we get the same in iOS!

The Android version has this thing which they called "Mems". It is something that you can upload to help you remember the word better, and these are provided by users themselves. 

Look at what this user did with the Chinese word 很好, which means "very good" or "very well". It is brilliant and so, so funny. Kudos to Kitwiggin!



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