Friday, June 30, 2017

My progress in learning Mandarin

It has been three months since I started on the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi/Chinese Proficiency Test) decks and today marks the day I complete all the HSK3 cards in my Anki deck. 

That will be a total of 617 characters, 600 words and 1800 Anki cards from HSK1 to 3. That is not too many but definitely a good start considering I've been attempting to learn Chinese my whole life. 

With this achievement, I first thought I'd stop here to just revise and practice writing the characters, which by the way is the toughest.

But now I think I should not stop but to proceed on at a slower pace. I did maximize my time to cover the Anki HSK1 to 3 decks in the shortest time possible and to complete that in 3 months is something for me to celebrate. 

But HSK4 comes with 447 characters, 600 words and 1200 Anki cards, bringing the accumulated total to 1064 characters, 1200 words and 3000 Anki cards. 

At a much slower pace, it will take me 9 months to complete HSK4. But when I do, I will be able to "discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and are capable of communicating with Chinese speakers at a high standard."

I have so much to revise every day it is getting tough to find the time to complete my daily Anki cards requirement, let alone the Clavis Sinica app to practice my writing.

But that is the norm when it comes to language learning, isn't it?


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