Monday, June 26, 2017

The Kid from the Big Apple ★★★★☆

The Kid from the Big Apple (2016)

I've always wanted to watch this movie. It was a Malaysian production released during Chinese New Year in 2016 and since I don't go to the cinema much these days, I missed it.

The movie won several awards in the 7th Macau International Movie Festival and the 28th Malaysian Film Festival. The boon of the movie came from good performances from the two lead actors: Ti Lung, a renowned actor in the golden age of Hong Kong cinema of the 80s and 90s, it is good to see him again, and the new child actress Sarah Tan Qin Lin, though I could not believe her characterization of a kid who spent all her 9-10 years growing up in New York because she does not sound like a New Yorker at all.

My favourite scene was the short fighting scene by both the grandfather and the grand daughter (0:00:31 of this clip). My apologies as I was not able to find clips with English subtitles. 

But what I like most is this performance by Jayson Tan, who is a natural. 

And you can see from these clips why I think the girl is definitely not from New York. 


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