Saturday, June 24, 2017

We seriously pigged the night out

A good friend and I really pigged ourselves out this round of meet-up.

First, we went to Ticklish at Seapark and had two servings of pork ribs and a skewer each of lean pork strips and caramelised pork belly. It was absolutely delicious. 

Then we went to Inside Scoop and as always, I ended with a scoop of Chempedak ice-cream and my friend, she had the Valrhona dark chocolate one. 

We still have loads to chat but the Inside Scoop outlet in Damansara was packed with customers and we didn't want to hog the table and so we decided to move on to SS2 for coffee. 

We spotted this foodtruck that sells Korean Bingsu, and it came with an upright grand Yamaha self-playing piano, which was awesome but alas, there weren't any tables or seats available. They should have had more tables for patrons. 

So we ended up in a mamak stall in SS2 and I had teh si kosong and my friend a glass of watermelon juice. 

It was a lovely evening of food and drink and catching with a good old friend. The next round, we will be off to Naughty Nuri's.  Can't wait to pig out again!


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