Sunday, July 23, 2017

A sermon on adultery

Today's sermon was from Proverbs 6:20-7:27 on a topic that is seldom preached in church: the subject of adultery. 

It comes with a title that says it all - Can a man scoop fire into his lap (an euphemism won't you say?) without his clothes being burned? (question in parentheses mine). 

The passage uses three imageries as to why one should not commit adultery:
1. A prostitute - the price of a prostiture for a night might be minimal but the cost of adultery is extremely high. 
2. Playing with Fire - one who puts fire into his own lap will surely get burned. You won't get away with it. 
3. A thief - it's sheer stupidity to commit adultery destroying marriages, and the stake is so high: you will lose honour, reputation, manhood and womanhood, life, future. 

It all boils down to our hearts, which is usually prone to evil and momentary pleasures. 

Pastor gave us eight pointers on how to have sexual purity:
1. Know that you have a sinful nature. Our hearts are wicked. We are weak. 
2. Keep God's word in our hearts to remind us. Live according to God's word in line with the Holy Spirit's leading.  
3. Delight in Christ. Have him as someone better and more delightful than sin. Jesus is wisdom, salvation, sanctification. 
4. Think noble thoughts. Stop fantasizing as it will surely lead us to fall into sin.  
5. Keep ourselves away from pornography.
6. Have good healthy hobbies.  
7. Have accountable and trusted friends and mentors.  8. Find sexual satisfaction from your spouse. 

Like what Joseph did when he literally ran from Potiphar's wife, stay faraway from tempting situations and if you find yourself in such a situation, run! 

It is too high a cost not to. 


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