Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Five silent symptoms of stress

I have been falling sick quite frequently lately and it is unusual. A few people have already asked me if it was because of stress. 

I would quickly say no, but now I'm beginning to believe that I am stressed. 

I suppose I am stressed out without realizing it. I normally would take things in stride but I may have too much on my plate lately. 

Are there any silent symptoms of stress? I found these 5 silent symptoms. For the full article, check it out here

1. A sore jaw - resulting from grinding of teeth at night. Nope, I don't have it. 

2. Bad dreams - I don't have bad dreams but my dreams were quite weird. I don't remember them but I do remember having a weird feeling over them. 

3. Weekend headaches - I have them but not in the weekends. I had a whole day of headache yesterday. I popped some pills but they didn't work. 

4. Bleeding gums - my gums did not bleed but my nose did.

5. Sudden outbreak of acne - haha, this happens quite often. 

So maybe I do have a mild streak of stress going on at the moment. I need a break but the problem is I'd be more stressed out during my break when I know I should be in the office!

Oh dear...


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