Monday, July 17, 2017

Shall I stop blogging?

I know I have thought about this many, many times over and blogged about it many times as well but I was seriously contemplating to stop blogging today.   

This is because I recently felt that writing a blogpost every day has become a very difficult thing to do. I find that I am struggling to find things to talk and blog about.  But why am I feeling that way?   

This one thing I know: I am spending less and less time thinking these days and I am not as introspective as before, and it is not a good thing.   

Therefore, it is good that I came across this article: Why You Should Blogging (Again)  

The writer of the article holds the opinion that: 
1. blogging facilitate powerful introspection 
2. blogging crystallizes thoughts and thought processes 
3. blogging improves your ability to express yourself 
4. people will enjoy your creation  

I fully agree with the first three points and with that I am more encouraged to persist to continue to blog daily. I also know that I will regret it if I stop, because I know it will be even more difficult for me to start blogging again. I have stopped before and it took me 5 years to get back to daily blogging! If I stop again this time, I can almost guarantee I will never get back to blogging.  

I am not too sure about the fourth point though, since I tend to ramble a lot these days.  

So there - I will still stick to it...for now.  



  1. I also like the first 3 Pearlie. I am really not too concerned about #4.

    I blog because it helps me spiritually. I have integrated it into my devotional life. Writing a daily devotion from the scriptures has changed my life because it has helped me think and express my thoughts.

    And if it helps someone else that is icing on the cake. ツ

    1. Yes, I agree and thanks for the insight. Writing devotionally, I like the sound of it.

  2. I enjoy reading your blogposts

    1. Thanks so much Alex for your encouragement and for lifting my spirit :)