Sunday, August 06, 2017

A tapestry of prayer

I was in church today when pastor introduced some visitors from the US and he shared with the congregation how they have supported the church in prayer all these years. 

The topic of prayer has always been a mystery to me. But I take it as a commandment from God that we pray and to pray fervently, and so even if I don't understand it fully, I obey and I pray as much as I could, as best as I could, though it isn't actually as much as I wished or as well as I wished. 

When pastor told us about the prayers of our counterpart in the US, this picture came to mind:

I imagine prayer is a connection of the people of God as we pray for one another we connected with each another in the Spirit and in love. It's like weaving a tapestry of love and brotherhood across the whole world. 

We all belong to God and even if we don't pray for others, He will never forsake any of us. But yet, we are to pray for one another. We need to be connected to one another in Christ and prayer is the perfect way of doing so as we remember each other, we love each other in the Lord.


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