Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Crazy Karaoke

I haven't been to a karaoke in ages. There is a free entry pass in our U Mobile Subscriber Rewards and a few of us took the privilege and went this evening. 

If you are a U Mobile user, check this deal out in your MyUMobile app. 

I didn't get to sing much. I am not familiar with enough songs to want to sing them in public! That's why. Haha. 

These are the few that I know, beginning with...

And this one is not easy to sing. And I am bad with timing but I managed to figure it out though. 

I did try this Mandarin song but I had to use the hanyu pinyin lyrics in my Apple Music. She sings the verses too fast for me to follow the lyrics in Chinese and what more, the lyrics shown in the karaoke screen was in traditional Chinese. 

I also tried a couple of Korean songs!

Well, the craziest one we did was Abba's Dancing Queen, which was recorded but I would never ever show it to anyone, not even myself!


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