Thursday, August 17, 2017

Talent Ecosystem Conference 2017

We were at the Talent Ecosytem Conference 2017 today. The topics covered for the conference in forum style format include:

- Defining the Future of Learning
- How to a Harness the Power of Multi-Generational Workforce
- Design Multi-Generational Employee Experience Journey for Transformation
- Future of Work: Preparing Organizations for the 21st Century Workforce
- Digital HR: Transforming the HR Delivery Model
- Build Value in Employer Branding

Having a forum format is quite a good way to go about it because it's more candid and when the forum lead is a good one, it keeps the topic interesting with the forum speakers and audience engaged. 

Here are some of my takeaway from the sessions:

- when we go digital in HR, we have to consider the digital literacy of our employees, which may be viewed by age group. And what we in HR need is simply patience.

- the Millennials need a safe environment to express their thoughts and ideas. They want a safe space for them to share their mind without the stigma when things go wrong. This is interesting because this is almost an opposite from what Gen-X would expect and behave. 

- companies who put aside their annual employee performance appraisals have brought it back. It is still useful and needed. 

- an organization who wants to build on their employee engagement experience has to start from the CEO. The CEO has to lead, no question about it. Without the CEO, you can either forget it or you leave. It won't happen without an active involvement of the CEO. 

- the HR department is sadly still being mostly regarded as a cost center, a support department when it should be a mission critical center, involved in all strategy and business undertakings of the organizations, not as an after-thought. 

- the HR department has to now be the Marketing department as well, albeit internally. It needs to build its strength in communication and service delivery. 

There is much to done. 


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