Sunday, August 20, 2017

We began a 12-week study on the book of Job

Knowing the Bible: Job, A 12-Week Study
by Eric Ortlund 

We started our Covenant Group first meeting today doing a study on the book of Job. 

What I find intriguing about covenant groups in my church is that (1) these groups have a lifetime - it has a beginning and an end. Ours will last for 12 weeks and (2) the attendance is 100%. If anyone is not able to make it, we will need to regroup on another day where all are able to attend. With that, serious commitment is expected. And I find that a good thing. 

Our first meeting today went along very well with an introduction to what is the most difficult book in the Bible.

We also identified for ourselves what is one thing we would like to have clarified by the end of the study. For me, I would want to get into the heart and soul of Job as he suffered through the pain. What went on in his mind and heart? How did he accept what God has done? 

There will be much deep searching in each and everyone of us. 


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