Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Why am I drawn to sad things?

I don't know why I seem to like sad things: sad movies, sad songs, sad stories. And since I've started going Korean lately, there are many, many sad Korean movies and dramas to go round. 

They are so sad and yet I'm still consuming them. I managed to finish watching Train to Busan recently and I already told myself it's time I stop watching them. 

But I'm back to watching sad Korean dramas like Marriage Contract and Uncontrollably Fond. Why? And I knew they were sad to begin with.

And I'd feel so sad when I hear this song sung by Kim Woo Bin from the Uncontrollably Fond drama. But I find it an excellent song. Vocals wise, he does have a nice rich deep voice here now doesn't he?

Do You Know? - Kim Woo Bin



  1. Just watched Manchester by the Sea. Heard it was a sad movie. I really did not want to watch it. So glad I did. It was not sad. It was a beautiful reflection of life after great loss. It showed a beautiful reality of family life. And how it takes so long to come to grip with tragedy. So maybe it is empathy that draws you to things that some people call sad?

  2. Yes, I believe so. I do feel for people quite easily but only when I can identify with them though. I am not sure if it's a right thing to do but I want to keep a tab on it most of the time, though not always successful, so that I don't commit too much of myself in case I can't handle it all.

  3. I've added Manchester by Sea in my list :)

  4. One person on my kcbob.com FB page called Manchester "soul crushing". So I think that people sometimes see a movie as they are rather than as it is.