Monday, September 04, 2017

AI will soon wipe out most jobs

Still on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, my hubby also sent me this article: AI is going to replace retail workers sooner than you think

He has been telling me over the year that AI will soon take over all jobs. I asked him how soon he thinks it will happen. He said no one is yet predicting the time but we see that it is already happening and when it does, it will grow exponentially and in no time at all, jobs will become extinct. 

I am sure you have seen this Amazon video published early this year on their Amazon Go store with the Just Walk Out Technology. 

I remember thinking how revolutionary and how almost impossible it is but with the AI talk I have been hearing for the past few months, it will soon become a norm. 

And then we will not be able to imagine how we will ever survive without AI the same way we can never imagine how life would be without the photostating marchine and how impossible it would be without our smartphones. 


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