Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Can sleep debt be repaid?

I slept very late two nights ago and with only 4 hours of sleep, I know I am going to regret it the next day. 

Which was exactly how I felt yesterday. The morning went by as usual and I was able to function as normal but come late afternoon, I was feeling horrible.

I was already getting a headache and the back of my neck was also aching badly. I had some work to complete and thankfully I did finish it but I did it all in a daze. 

When I was on my way back, I remember praying that I will have a safe drive home. I nearly got into an accident as I didn't realize the lights had turned red!

Now I am beginning to realize that it is really a bad idea and I need to put a firm rule for myself not to sleep late.

Thankfully I got home safely and dropped off to sleep at 9:30pm. What more, I had a training to do the next day. But did I pay back the so-called sleep debt?

I have read a bit here and there about it, whether it can be repaid but I think the science is not yet conclusive about it. 

But I think the current view is that you can't really repay sleep debt and that even though you've replenished the hours, your attention span does not return to baseline and it can become dangerous. 

Which was what happened this morning. I am usually quite attentive when I drive but I didn't notice the car in front of me stopping. Thankfully, it's a practice that I drive with a good distance between cars and I managed to brake in time without collision. 

Phew! Thank God. No more late nights for me. 

I found this article, though not a new one, quite informative: The Good and Bad New About Your Sleep Debt


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