Monday, September 11, 2017

Cantonese sentences with its 6 tones in sequence

As I moved on to the more difficult Chinese words, I find that I actually know them in Cantonese, which did surprise me. 

So I started to check them out in Cantonese as well to help learn and remember the words but I do not know how to differentiate or read the Cantonese Jyutping tones.

Time to learn!

I thought it'd be useful to have a Cantonese sentence with the 6 tones in sequence that I can use whenever I need any of the tones. I began searching for it but it was not easy to find. 

I finally found it here: Tones in Cantonese

The sentences with the tones in sequence as are follows and I'm going with the one with the meat! It is brilliant!

1. \san1 fan2 zing3 ng4 wui5 wun6\   
card does not need to be renewed 

2. \zu1 pa2 pui3 ngao4 nam5 faan6\   

Pork chop with beef belly rice

 3. \syu1 zo2 kui3 ng4 pa5 jing6\   

Defeated, he is not afraid to admit. 

4. \gaau1 cin2 hoei3 hang4 zing5 bo6\   

Pay (money please) go to the administrative office  

A musical score is even provided!

But when I tried playing the tune/tones in my keyboard, they don't really match. It's close but I don't think the last note for the 6th tone is the right one. I tried to find the right note but it seems to be in between notes. 

What do you think?


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