Sunday, September 10, 2017

Korean Friend in KL

One of my Korean friends, Chris 감상호씨 came over from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday with his dad and I met up with them this evening.

I make quite a number of connections with language partners via, but only few of them remain as friends. From the 40 over people whom I've connected with, I only have 4 of them I'm still connecting with on an almost daily basis as we text in the languages we want to learn, and Chris is one of them. 

First, he wanted to go visit the Blue Mosque in Shah Alam and so we were there. 

Then I brought them to Fatty Crab and the line was long, and it was only 5:45pm. 

A must-have wefie...

...and we were finally seated waiting for our crabs. 

Fatty Crab's popular sour spicy crabs, which was delicious but for me, it wasn't as good as before. 

The steam prawns were really fresh and good. 

We then finished off with a walk in the night market in the street just next to Fatty Crab. 

A nice and pleasant but warm evening indeed. 

And the queue at Fatty Crab got longer when we left the area at 8pm. 


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