Friday, September 29, 2017

Grand Imperial in Pavilion Elite

I was with my family for dinner today and we were at Grand Imperial Pavilion Elite. 

Here we are, my sister-in-law, niece, dad and mom:

We went there because I happen to have RM200 worth of vouchers that are about the expire. So we made it a trip there this evening. 

This Grand Imperial restaurant specializes in hot pot and barbecues. But we decided not to have either and settled for some appetizers, 拉面 lā miàn and dessert. 

The appetizers were fantastic: Jelly Fish with Wasabi and Preserved Radish and Chilled Sliced Drunken Chicken. 

We also ordered two servings of Baked Button Mushrooms with Truffles but with me being not very photograph centric, forgot to take pictures. All I did was salivate at the yummy looking mushrooms topped with truffles. 

We ordered several types of 拉面 lā miàn but the best was this: La Mian Soup with Peanut Paste

I have not eaten so much in a long, long time. I am feeling so stuffed I shall fast tomorrow. 


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