Saturday, September 09, 2017

Learning a language in 90 days? How I wish!

My Korean friend, 김형래씨, shared this video with me and I don't know whether to feel discouraged or encouraged!

After spending 90 days learning Korean, this Canadian can converse so very easily in it. And he speaks excellent Mandarin too! He totally wowed me. 

I don't know whether to feel encouraged or discouraged because even though I've learnt it for a much longer time, I can't converse in it at all like him. 

But I console myself that he probably spent 90 full-time days learning it and with his 9 years immersed in Japan, he would have excelled in the language as well, which will contribute to his ease in the learning of the Korean language. 

But his four tips are useful:

1. Have fun - I've already noted this many times over from the other videos and articles about language learning and it is very true. If you don't find it fun, it means you had better look for some other languages or something else to learn. 

2. Believe you can do it - I need to always remind myself that I can do it. I used to think I will never ever learn to read and write Mandarin but with my progress over the last few months, I am very encouraged and I finally believe I can do it. But now I have to work on my speaking part: to just get out of my shell and speak it!

3. Invest your time - oh, don't I know this. This same Korean friend actually asked me what other languages I would like to learn. I told him I find Spanish really cool and would love to learn and speak it but I don't have the time! I am already trying to learn two languages right now. And tough ones to boot. 

4. Don't worry about making progress - this is useful for me. I think I have hit a plateau at the moment and I don't feel like I am progressing at all. I even feel that I am deteriorating. But I mustn't worry about progress but to just carry on learning. 

But no, not in 90 days.

From the moment I began in January this year, I have told myself I'd see where I'd be at the end of the year. And now that it's September, I would like to see where my progress is at the end of 2018 and then decide what I will do after. 

加油! 화이팅!


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