Saturday, September 02, 2017

Jobs that are dying and growing

My hubby has been talking to me a lot about Artificial Intelligence since a year ago, and now it keeps coming up in the news and conversations as well. 

He sent me this interesting video about 6 jobs that are dying in Singapore. I couldn't find the video in YouTube and so I'm uploading here clips on the 6 jobs that are dying and 6 jobs that are growing. 

What do you think?

I think it all makes sense except for F&B. Maybe just in Singapore? If you google it, you will find that F&B will not die off. It's a tough business nonetheless, many of my friends who ventured into it most have suffered failures and financial loses, but it is still a thriving business. People are cooking less these days and what more, many now has the Michelin tastebuds to want to eat celebrity food. 

But with AI, many jobs will soon vanish and I just learnt from my hubby that the more developed countries are trying out probably only solution when jobs becomes a rarity - universal pay. 

I need to find out more about this. 


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