Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What to do when you reach a learning plateau?

I feel that I am reaching a plateau in my language learning and I found this article very useful: Reaching a Plateau in Language Learning – How to Get Out of It?

It says it is a common thing in whatever we set ourselves to learn, not only in languages, and it often becomes a dominant factor for one to decide to stop learning. 

And that is exactly what I am feeling at the moment and at the same time being firm with myself not to stop or else all the effort I have put in the past few months will be for nothing. 

But what can I do?

It suggests that I change the way I am learning. And so I decided to set a fixed time at night to go through the lessons with more focus. 

I tried it tonight. 

The results? It took me one and a half hours just to go through my flashcards and by the time I finished with them, I was totally exhausted. 

Maybe doing it at the end of the day may not be a good idea because when I am tired, I am not able to remember the words that should know. 

But what other time do I have? Sigh...


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